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How to Scan Documents with Your iPhone

Scan documents quickly and easily directly from your iPhone with our easy to follow step-by-step guide! Using the camera and the Notes app, learn how you can save time by scanning documents on the go.

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Published Dec 9, 2022

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 5 minutes

What you'll need: iPhone

  • Scanning documents with an iPhone is a simple process.
  • Learning how to scan with an iPhone can help save time and make tasks much more convenient.
  • "In this article, you'll learn how to use your iPhone to scan physical documents!"

Scanning documents on your iPhone is an incredibly convenient way to save important images and documents without needing to visit a physical scanner. It's an easy process that only takes a few minutes, and it allows you to store the scanned items digitally so they're accessible whenever you need them. In this guide, we'll show you exactly how to scan with your iPhone using Apple's built-in camera app. We'll cover how to edit and organize scans, as well as how to share them with others or store them in cloud storage services like iCloud or Dropbox. By the end of this guide, you'll have all the tools you need to scan just about anything from receipts and business cards to photos and artwork. Let's get started!

how to scan with iphone

When scanning with an iPhone, it is important to make sure that the item you are scanning is within the rectangular outlines provided by the camera viewfinder as this will ensure accurate recognition and capture of the image.

  1. Open the Notes app. It is typically located on your home screen.
  2. Select the Camera icon, which can be found at the bottom of the Notes app.
  3. Position your iPhone to scan the document, making sure that all of the information you want to scan appears in the frame.
  4. Tap "Scan". This will take a photo of your document and store it in your notes.
    1. Our takeaway

      In conclusion, it is incredibly simple to use your iPhone to scan documents. With the advancements in technology, it is now easier and faster than ever before to quickly and effectively document information. Not only can you take advantage of the convenience of scanning documents on your iPhone, but you can also do it in style with the abundance of available apps that integrate fun image effects and color filters. So don’t waste any more time - get out there, grab your phone and start scanning!


      1. How do I set up my iPhone camera to scan documents?

      To set up your iPhone camera to scan documents, open your Notes app and tap the + icon in the top right-hand corner. Tap Scan Documents from the menu that appears and use your camera to take a photo of the document to be scanned. Adjust the corners on the image as needed, then tap Save when you're done.

      What types of documents can I scan with my iPhone?

      You can scan a wide variety of documents such as letters, receipts, invoices and IDs. You can also use your iPhone to scan text documents and images like PDFs, JPEGs or TIFFs.

      Is there a way to edit the scanned images on my iPhone?

      Yes, you can make edits to your scanned images on the iPhone. You can do this using the editing tool that comes pre-installed with your device's camera app. Additionally, there are many third-party apps available in the App Store that allow for further image editing capabilities.

      Is it possible to share the scanned document from my iPhone?

      Yes, it is possible to share a scanned document from an iPhone. You can use various apps that are available for iPhones such as Adobe Scan and Notes to scan documents and then share them with other people via email or text message. Additionally, you can also use AirDrop to quickly transfer files between iOS devices.

      Are there any additional apps that allow for scanning on an iPhone?

      Yes, there are a number of additional apps available for scanning documents on iPhones. Some of the most popular options include Adobe Scan, Scanbot, Genius Scan+, and Office Lens.

    This article was originally published on 9 Dec 2022 but has been regularly updated to keep the information current.
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