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64 Awesome and Funny iPad Engraving Ideas

Personalized engravings are a great way to customize your iPad and make it truly unique. Here are some great iPad Engraving Ideas.

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Published Apr 27, 2022

Personalized engravings are a great way to customize your iPad and make it truly unique. There are lots of ways to personalize your iPad with beautiful messages.

Whether you want to engrave initials, the date of a special occasion, or something funny. This article will give you 64 cool and funny iPad engraving ideas.

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Cool Engraving Ideas and Engraving Quotes for iPad

Cool Engraving Ideas and Engraving Quotes for iPad
  1. When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.
  2. Just go for it!
  3. Make a difference in the world by being the change you want to see.
  4. Life is short. Play more!
  5. "It's our best iPad ever" Apple, 2010-2022
  6. Intelligence isn't just knowing things; it's using your knowledge to create new ideas.
  7. This is my iPad. It's mine.
  8. Why would I want an iPad engraved? Who is even going to read it? Oh, hi.
  9. This engraving is going to totally ruin the resale price.
  10. The line was engraved with a knife - Michelangelo
  11. Make iPads Great Again
  12. This apple is poisonous - Snow White
  13. Books are the ladder of human progress, iPad is the elevator of human progress
  14. Your message is too long to be engraved on one line.
  15. Google® Powered by Android
  16. Help, I was turned into an iPad by a wizard.
  17. iPad mini is an awesome product. - Albert Einstein
  18. If we continue teaching the way we've always taught, we're robbing our children of their future.
  19. Technology is anything invented after you were already born Everything else is just stuff.
  20. Technology opens up new opportunities for students to express themselves creatively.

Funny Engraving Ideas for iPad

Funny Engraving Ideas for iPad
  1. Dry-clean Only
  2. Property of Owner
  3. Thanks, but no thanks. I don't want my tablet engraved.
  4. This AD place is for rent.
  5. Insert Cringe Here
  6. Don’t sit on me.
  7. The line below this is false. The line above this is true.
  8. I sold a kidney for this.
  9. I’m not a Galaxy Tab – I promise!
  10. My other tablet is a laptop
  11. Neat… My life savings into one gadget!
  12. An apple a day keeps Microsoft away.
  13. The other side has a screen
  14. You must not eat anything from the tree of knowledge of good and evil
  15. If you can see my iPad screen, you're too close.
  18. Engraving is forbidden here, violators can be fined $50
  19.  This side up ↑ Fragile, handled with care
  20. Aluminum cutting board
  25. High five if you got a tattoo
  26. If you can fit it on a bumper sticker, then it's probably not complete.

Romantic iPad Engraving Ideas

Romantic iPad Engraving Ideas
  1. iBelong to You
  2. You rock my world.
  3. I love you. Always and forever
  4. You are my everything.
  5. If loving you is not right, then I don't want to be right either.
  6. We’ve made a lot of progress together… let’t keep going!
  7. My iPad is more important than you.
  8. You + Me = Meant To Be
  9. Darling, you are the Apple in my eye. 
  10. Heart to heart
  11. Heart of hearts
  12. Biggest heart

iPad Engraving Ideas for Your Daughter

iPad Engraving Ideas for Your Daughter
  1. It’s not a car. But it works in one. Love, Mom.
  2. My sunshine.
  3. My whole heart for my whole life.
  4. My dad's rich.. you know.
  5. Favorite Child

Frequently Asked Questions about iPad Engraving Ideas

Is engraving on an iPad a good idea?

For practical reasons, many people also engrave contact details on their devices, for example, phone numbers. Because of its perceived lower resale values, engraving also reduces the likelihood of your device getting stolen and re-sold by others. Engraving also makes it easier for good samaritans to return it to you if they want to.

Does engraving an iPad devalue it?

Any consumer product can be engraved, but doing so will degrade its value. The company buying your used device for resale cannot resell it at a higher price than an un-engraved one so they in turn offer less for it.

Can I get my iPad engraving after purchase?

They don't sell cases engraved at the factory because they only offer engraving services for custom orders. If you decide to sell the device, don't worry about engraving it. Also, I would recommend getting a case.

Can I return engraved Apple products?

Yes, you can send back engraved items. The only difference is you cannot return an engraved product in-store. You should see this in Apple's return policy. If you bought your item from Apple in America, you can bring it to any American Apple store for an exchange.

This article was originally published on 27 Apr 2022 but has been regularly updated to keep the information current.
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