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Uncover Secrets: How to Watch 'The Morning Show' without Apple TV+

Explore alternatives to watch "The Morning Show" without an Apple TV+ subscription. Discover the versatility of Google Play Movies & TV, and learn about its costs, video quality, and user-friendliness. Tap into the global reach of YouTube, get acquainted with its pricing, quality, and convenience. Guide yourself to make an effective decision for your streaming needs.

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Published Jan 29, 2024

So, you're eager to catch up on "The Morning Show", but don't have an Apple TV+ subscription? No worries, there's a workaround for you. This article will guide you through the process of watching your favorite show without needing an Apple TV+ subscription.

Despite the show being an Apple original, it's not limited to just Apple TV+ viewers. There are several other platforms where you can enjoy "The Morning Show". You're about to discover the best alternatives to Apple TV+ that'll give you access to this popular series.

Alternative Platforms for Watching "The Morning Show"

Despite being an Apple original, "The Morning Show" isn't exclusively available to Apple TV+ subscribers. Let's dive into which platforms offer you the chance to tune into this Emmy-winning series.

First up, you've got Amazon Prime Video Channels. With this service, you can subscribe to Apple TV+ as a standalone channel on Prime Video. It means you'll have access to the Apple original series right through your Amazon account.

Roku is another fantastic choice. Through the Roku Channel Store, you'll find the Apple TV app offering the same content as Apple TV+ users can access. It includes "The Morning Show" along with all the other Apple originals.

You can also rely on select smart TVs and gaming consoles. Several smart TV models from Samsung, LG, and VIZIO, as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles, support the Apple TV app. Users can download the app and start watching "The Morning Show".

Here is a quick overview of the platforms:

Platform Description
Amazon Prime Video Channels Subscribe to Apple TV+ within the Amazon platform
Roku Download the Apple TV app from the Roku Channel Store
Smart TVs and Gaming Consoles Access Apple TV app on select Samsung, LG, and VIZIO models along with PlayStation and Xbox consoles

Next, let's look deeper into each of these platforms, their subscription costs, and the benefits each one offers. This way, you'll be able to make an informed decision and catch all the episodes of "The Morning Show" without an Apple TV+ subscription.

Option 1: Hulu

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Moving beyond the traditional cable package, streaming platforms have become a popular choice for watching TV shows and movies. Hulu is no exception.

Hulu, a major contender in the streaming arena, offers the opportunity to watch 'The Morning Show', putting to rest your search for alternatives to an Apple TV+ subscription. It's an excellent option to explore, offering a range of screen-time selections that can expand your entertainment horizons.

One of the benefits of Hulu is its vast and diverse library. Ranging from TV classics to the latest episodes of trending series, it's got all your entertainment needs covered. But that's not all. Hulu's flexible subscription plans give you the power of choice. You're not locked into one size fits all package. You can tailor your subscription to match your viewing habits and budget. For those averse to ads interrupting their viewing pleasure, Hulu provides an ad-free option for an additional cost.

Getting access to 'The Morning Show' on Hulu is as simple as subscribing to the service. A high-speed internet connection and a compatible device are all you need. Streaming 'The Morning Show' on Hulu is possible across a myriad of devices, like your smart TV, laptop, gaming console, or mobile device.

Keep in mind that Hulu's pricing varies depending on the plan you choose. Streaming plans start at a friendly price point, making Hulu a budget-friendly alternative to cable.

In terms of quality, you can trust Hulu to deliver high definition viewing. The platform also offers some titles in 4K Ultra HD, elevating your watching experience to another level. With quality content, ease of access, and affordable pricing, Hulu is undoubtedly a promising option to consider.

To note, Hulu is primarily available in the US and Japan. If you're living outside these regions, you'd need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the service. Thus, wherever you are in the world, 'The Morning Show' is just a click away on Hulu.

One more thing to remember is the platform's trial period. Hulu offers a 30-day free trial for new users. It's a chance to gauge the platform's value without spending a cent, making it easy for you to decide if it fits your entertainment landscape.

Option 2: Amazon Prime Video

Another top choice for streaming "The Morning Show" without an Apple TV+ subscription is Amazon Prime Video. It's not just a powerhouse of original content, but also a repository of popular TV shows and movies from all around the globe.

To watch "The Morning Show," you need to subscribe to the Apple TV+ channel on Prime Video Channels. It's a feature that allows Prime members to subscribe to over 100 premium channels. You can manage these subscriptions all within the Amazon platform, which adds a layer of convenience.

Amazon Prime Video supports numerous devices, including smart TVs, Roku, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and browsers. So, you can enjoy watching the show on your preferred device without any trouble.

Let's delve deeper into understanding the costs associated with this:

Monthly Cost of Amazon Prime Cost of Apple TV+ add-on
$12.99 $4.99

Your total per month would be $17.98, which is nearly equivalent to, if not cheaper than, many premium streaming services.

Remember, though, you also benefit from Amazon Prime's other perks. These include free two-day shipping, access to Prime Music, free Kindle e-books, and much more.

The video quality on Amazon Prime Video is outstanding, supporting up to 4K Ultra HD resolutions with HDR10. The platform also offers Dolby Atmos for audiophiles who like to fully immerse in their viewing experience. It's worth checking out Prime Video's trial period before taking the plunge on a subscription. And who knows? You might find other shows or movies to enjoy there too.

Lastly, just like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video is accessible worldwide. This means wherever you are, your favorite show, "The Morning Show," is just a few clicks away.

With options like Amazon Prime Video, who needs cable when you have streaming services to deliver top-tier entertainment right to your fingertips?

Option 3: Google Play Movies & TV

Shifting gears, Google Play Movies & TV is your next viable alternative for watching "The Morning Show" without an Apple TV+ subscription. It's a versatile platform with a broad spectrum of TV shows and films at the push of a button.

To watch "The Morning Show" on Google Play Movies & TV, simply search for the show in the platform's search bar and purchase individual episodes or the entire season. Now, you might be thinking about the cost. Yes, it's true this option isn't subscription-based. You pay per episode or season.

The associated costs are as follows:

Purchase Method Cost (USD)
Per Episode $2.99
Entire Season $34.99

The advantage here is it's a one-time payment for each episode or the entire season. You're not locked into a monthly commitment which gives you the freedom to buy only the episodes that you'd like to watch.

You'll find that the video quality on Google Play Movies & TV is top-notch, supporting up to 4K Ultra HD. Beware though, the video quality also highly depends on your device's ability and your internet connection speed. For those who are particular about sound, most content does provide 5.1 surround audio.

Navigating Google Play Movies & TV is a breeze, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. As a global platform, access to Google Play Movies & TV is unrestricted worldwide. What's more, it's compatible with various devices, so you can catch your favorite episodes on your smartphone, tablet, or on the web.

Like the options we've discussed before, it's always smart to test out the service to ensure it fits your viewing needs. For Google Play Movies & TV, the best part is you can do this by renting an episode for a lesser cost. This way, you can get a feel of the service before committing a larger chunk of your budget.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore additional ways to watch the hit drama series "The Morning Show" without being tethered to an Apple TV+ subscription.

Option 4: YouTube

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Another alternative platform for watching "The Morning Show" sans Apple TV+ subscription is YouTube. Known globally for its user-generated content, YouTube also maintains an impressive library of TV shows and films. It's definitely an option worth exploring, especially if you're not thrilled about signing up for another streaming platform.

Watching "The Morning Show" on YouTube is blissfully straightforward. Just head over to YouTube Movies & Shows and search for "The Morning Show". You can conveniently purchase individual episodes or opt for an entire season. Here's an approximation of pricing:

Individual Episode Full Season
Cost $1.99 - $2.99 $24.99 - $34.99

Costs are, indeed, a simple one-time payment. On YouTube, you can watch your favorite TV show in top-notch video quality that supports up to 1080p High-definition (HD). So, you won't have to sacrifice the quality of your viewing experience.

One of the cherry-on-tops with YouTube is the seamless accessibility it offers. Almost everyone has a YouTube app installed on their phone, tablet, or Smart TV, and it doesn't require the extra steps of getting a new app or creating a new account. This convenience makes YouTube a compelling option for those wanting to watch "The Morning Show".

You might be well acquainted with YouTube's user-friendly interface. It’s not just friendly, but also fluid and intuitive, making your search and navigation a breeze. You can pause, rewatch, skip or replay at your heart's content, and keep a track of your watched episodes. This way you don't lose your spot, or worse, start an episode you've already seen!

So, if you're keen on a versatile site that combines a massive spectrum of content with a familiar and user-friendly platform, YouTube could be the go-to option. Giving it a try by purchasing an episode seems like a great idea before taking the plunge for a full season. But hey, who's to stop you from jumping straight in if you prefer?


You've got options when it comes to watching "The Morning Show" without an Apple TV+ subscription. Google Play Movies & TV stands out with its diverse content, user-friendly interface, and video quality. It's a worthwhile choice that offers value for your money. On the other hand, YouTube's global reach, ease of use, and flexible pricing make it a strong contender too. You could even test the waters by buying a single episode before diving into a full season. So, it's clear that you're not limited to Apple TV+ to enjoy your favorite show. The choice is yours, so pick the platform that suits your needs and start watching "The Morning Show" today!

Q1: Can I watch "The Morning Show" without an Apple TV+ subscription?

Absolutely, the article introduces several alternatives to Apple TV+ for watching "The Morning Show". These include platforms like Google Play Movies & TV and YouTube.

Q2: What details does the article provide about Google Play Movies & TV?

The article provides detailed information on costs, video quality, and the user-friendly interface of Google Play Movies & TV. It also emphasizes its broad spectrum of TV shows and films.

Q3: Can I watch "The Morning Show" on YouTube?

Yes, YouTube is another platform where you can watch "The Morning Show". The article details YouTube's global accessibility, ease-of-use interface, pricing, and video quality.

Q4: Do I have to commit to a full season on YouTube?

No, the article suggests purchasing a single episode of "The Morning Show" on YouTube before committing to a full season, providing flexibility to viewers.

Q5: How does the article rank YouTube and Google Play in terms of user interface?

The article describes both platforms as user-friendly, without indicating a preference or ranking one above the other.

This article was originally published on 29 Jan 2024 but has been regularly updated to keep the information current.
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