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Unlock Spirited: Easy Ways to Watch Without Apple TV+

Explore diverse ways to watch "Spirited" without an Apple TV+ subscription. This guide provides cost comparisons on renting or purchasing episodes from Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon. Learn how to overcome geographical constraints with a VPN and make the most informed decision for your viewing preferences!

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Published Jan 29, 2024

So, you're eager to watch the hit show "Spirited" but don't have Apple TV+. No worries, there are other ways you can catch this popular series. This article will guide you through various alternatives to Apple TV+ that'll have you watching "Spirited" in no time.

Whether you're a tech novice or a seasoned pro, we've got you covered. We'll walk you through each step, making it as easy as possible for you to get your "Spirited" fix. So, get ready to dive into the world of "Spirited" without needing an Apple TV+ subscription.

What is "Spirited"

Now that you're eager to discover alternative ways of watching "Spirited" without an Apple TV+ subscription, let's familiarize ourselves with what the show "Spirited" is all about.

"Spirited" is a captivating television series that seamlessly blends fantasy, drama, and romance. The show follows the life of Claire, a spirited dentist, who's led into a turbulent world of romantic affairs and startling self-discoveries after stepping into a haunted apartment. The storyline weaves around Claire's growing bond with the apartment's ghostly resident, a former rock star named Henry Mallet.

This proves that "Spirited" isn’t just an ordinary series. It's an intriguing blend of charm, warmth, and suspense that keeps viewers glued to their screens, craving for more with each episode.

The complexity of the plot and the depth of the characters are hailed as the show's core strength. Claudia Karvan, a renowned Australian actress and producer, starred as Claire, bringing life to the character with her compelling performance. The role of Henry Mallet was played by the talented Matt King.

The series originally aired in Australia in 2010 but has since expanded its audience to reach viewers worldwide. Now, you might be wondering where can you dive into the world of Claire and Henry without having Apple TV+?

Why Apple TV+ is not necessary to watch "Spirited"

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So you may be thinking, why is Apple TV+ not necessary to watch "Spirited"? It's a widely accepted notion that an Apple TV+ subscription is mandatory for viewing their exclusive content. While Apple TV+ does hold the exclusive rights to some shows, "Spirited" isn't confined to this platform alone. In fact, there are alternative platforms where you can catch each dramatic twist and enchanted event.

Firstly, DVD collections of "Spirited" are available. DVD might feel somewhat vintage in today's digital age, but it's still a viable viewing option. If you're a collector, DVD collections are perfect for you.

Besides the DVD route, there are subscription models from other digital platforms that offer "Spirited". Some popular platforms include Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix. These platforms offer vast libraries of series and movies. So, subscribing to these platforms not only lets you enjoy "Spirited," but also opens up a whole world of top-rated shows and films.

Ensure whatever platform you turn to has legal rights for broadcasting "Spirited". Sticking to legal sources not only supports the industry but also maintains the quality of the experience.

One last thing to remember - regional restrictions may affect your ability to view "Spirited" on some platforms. Different regions have different broadcasting rights, so availability can vary. Use of VPNs can help bypass these restrictions. However, be careful when using VPNs as their use may be against the terms of service of some platforms.

As you can see, Apple TV+ is not the only place to watch "Spirited". With multiple alternative options available, you're free to choose your preferred viewing experience. Whether you opt for a DVD collection or another streaming service, you won't miss out on Claire's spirited journey of romantic affairs and self-discoveries.

Alternative streaming services to watch "Spirited"

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Have a hankering to get caught up with "Spirited" but no Apple TV+ subscription? Fear not; you've got more options than you might think! Online streaming is definitely the newfangled way-to-go, and various platforms are vying for your attention.

Amazon Prime Video is one such viable escape route. Besides the vast library at your disposal, Prime Video is often noted for its superb user interface. As long as "Spirited" is in their catalog, and your region's broadcasting rights allow it, you're good to go. Keep in mind, though, the cost involved in maintaining a Prime subscription. Make sure it's a value-for-money exchange for you!

Netflix, the streaming behemoth, doesn't disappoint either. Should "Spirited" cross the threshold to their vast kingdom, you're set for binge nights galore. There's a bit of a price attached, though, with various plans going from standard to premium. But hey, if you're a regular watcher, it won't burn too deep a hole in your pocket.

Hulu, though perhaps less recognized globally, packs quite a punch in its service. Specializing in an array of TV shows, it might just surprise you with a "Spirited" entry. A comparative cost consideration might leave you impressed, as Hulu is renowned for its economical affordability.

Yet, don't let geography deter your viewer spirit. You might be in a region where "Spirited" is impossible to catch on the platforms stated above. This is where Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) come to your rescue. How's it work? Basically, it convinces your provider you're situated somewhere the broadcasting restrictions don't apply. But beware. While a VPN can seem like a free pass, it's crucial to not defy any platform terms of service, as that could lead to complications.

In sum, streaming platforms and technology today grant exceptional leeway to viewers like you to tune in to their favorite shows without breaking the bank or their schedule.

Option 1: Netflix

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As you search for ways to watch "Spirited," Netflix stands out as a compelling alternative to Apple TV+. There's a chance that you're already subscribed, which makes this option convenient and cost-effective.

With Netflix, you're not just paying for access to "Spirited." You're investing in a robust catalog of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original series. It's one of the most popular streaming services worldwide for a reason.

There are a few key points to note about using Netflix to stream "Spirited." Unlike Apple TV+, Netflix operates on a tiered subscription system. The Basic plan comes at a lower cost, but you'll have to contend with standard definition streaming and access from only one device at a time. Opting for the Standard or Premium plans will give you access to HD and Ultra HD streaming, along with simultaneous streaming on multiple devices.

Here is a simple breakdown of these plans:

Basic $8.99 SD 1
Standard $13.99 HD 2
Premium $17.99 Ultra HD 4

Before making a decision, consider what Netflix offers beyond "Spirited." Your subscription also gives you access to a variety of high-quality content, so it's a worth-considering option.

Keep in mind, if "Spirited" is a region-specific show, you might need to consider your VPN options. Using Netflix with a VPN can circumvent geo-restrictions but remember, it's essential to stay aware of Netflix's terms of service; they're not fond of foul play.

Option 2: Hulu

Moving our gaze away from Netflix, a competitive alternative is Hulu. Launched back in 2007, Hulu is a well-established leader in the streaming industry. You'll find a variety of content on this platform – everything from hit movies to TV series, documentaries, and Hulu's own original productions.

When considering Hulu as an option for watching "Spirited", you'll likely appreciate its up-to-date content catalog. Unlike other streaming services, Hulu hosts episodes of current TV shows the day after they air. This characteristic makes Hulu a top contender in the race for streaming supremacy.

As far as pricing goes, Hulu's tiered subscription model starts from $5.99 per month for the basic plan. This includes advertisements, but if you'd rather not deal with ads, a more premium tier at $11.99 per month completely takes them out of the picture. Here's how Hulu's pricing shakes out:

Plan Price/month
Basic $5.99
Premium (No Ads) $11.99
Live TV $64.99

Another feather in Hulu's cap is its flexibility in terms of device compatibility. You can enjoy Hulu on various devices such as smart TV's, gaming consoles, mobile devices, desktops, and of course - streaming sticks and boxes.

You might be wondering about geographic restrictions. Much like Netflix, Hulu is primarily available for U.S. residents. But again, the use of a good VPN can help bypass such limits. Remember, though, it's essential to respect Hulu's terms of service while you're busy getting your "Spirited" fix!

Keep in mind, Hulu isn't just for "Spirited". The service boasts a broad spectrum of content that can keep you entertained long after you've finished watching the series. Whether it's catching up on the latest episodes of your favorite show or exploring a new world through a documentary, Hulu caters to a gamut of preferences.

Now let's move onto exploring another alternative - Amazon Prime. Here, you'll find a seemingly endless supply of titles to browse – a noteworthy competitor to both Netflix and Hulu...

Option 3: Amazon Prime Video

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Another viable option for streaming "Spirited" without an Apple TV+ subscription is Amazon Prime Video. This service provides a massive library encompassing a multitude of genres - movies, TV shows, documentaries, original series, and more. As such, it offers more than just "Spirited" for entertainment seekers.

Amazon offers a few different pricing tiers, similar to Netflix. The prime video plan is $8.99 a month which allows you to rent or purchase in addition to watching Prime Video content. Alternatively, you could opt for a full Amazon Prime subscription for $12.99 a month or $119 a year. This comprehensive package not only covers Prime Video but also offers free shipping on Amazon orders, Amazon Music, and an array of other benefits.

The following table summarizes Amazon Prime Video pricing:

Pricing Option Monthly Cost Yearly Cost
Amazon Prime Video $8.99 -
Full Amazon Prime $12.99 $119

Device compatibility with Amazon Prime Video is impressive. Whether you're using an Android or iOS device, a smart TV, or even a gaming console, you'll be able to easily access Amazon's streaming service.

Similar to Netflix and Hulu, there is the potential issue of geographic restrictions with Amazon Prime Video streaming. Using a VPN service, however, you'll bypass any such limitations and stream "Spirited" without qualms.

Remember, there's always more to consider than watching 'Spirited' when selecting a streaming platform. Size up the content offering under each service provider, assess the extent of device compatibility, and think over costs intersecting with your entertainment quota. Amazon Prime Video—it's more than meets the eye. You'll be treating yourself to a versed library of content if you decide to wager on this streaming service. Let your binge-watching sessions dive into more than "Spirited". Explore the seemingly infinite world of Amazon Prime Video, with productions varying across genres, style, and narratives.

Option 4: Disney+

Disney+ is another excellent platform to consider when exploring alternatives for streaming that aren't reliant on an Apple TV+ subscription. Disney+, a late but significant contender in the streaming wars, boasts an impressive library of movies, animated series, documentaries, and TV shows spanning across various iconic labels, such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ comes with a simple pricing strategy. For just $7.99 a month, you gain access to unlimited streaming of its vast content library. A unique bonus of Disney+ is the absence of tiered plans, meaning no extra fees for 4K streaming or multiple users.

Disney+ Subscription Cost

While watching Spirited isn't a guaranteed benefit, your Disney+ subscription opens doors to a media world colored with memorable classics, fan favorites, and exciting originals. If you're a fan of Marvel superheroes, Star Wars sagas, or Disney fairy tales, this platform might prove to be an excellent fit for you.

The versatility of Disney+ isn't limited to its content selection; it's broadly compatible with a range of devices, including but not limited to, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, iOS, and Android devices.

Worried about regional restrictions? A reliable VPN can be the solution for this potential hurdle. By 'hopping' your IP address to an accepted region, you'll be able to stream exclusive content not usually accessible in your location. Bear in mind, using a VPN might go against the terms of service of Disney+, so it’s important to make an informed decision here.

While Disney+ continues to grow, extending its catalog and upping the ante with new original productions, its compatibility, and affordable pricing make it a worthy contender with much more to offer than just Spirited.

Remember, when considering Disney+ or any streaming service, it’s vital to weigh costs, device compatibility and content selection to ensure you're getting the best possible viewing experience for your needs.

Option 5: YouTube TV

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Another contender in the Cord-Cutters Olympics is YouTube TV. You might initially associate YouTube with funny cat videos, but make no mistake, it's evolved into a full-blown TV streaming service complete with live TV, a wide array of channels and an inherent ability to send content to almost any screen, any device.

Boasting a library of over 85+ live TV channels, YouTube TV makes it easy to catch an array of shows, news, sports, and more. It's no wonder that people are considering YouTube TV a viable alternative for watching "Spirited" without an Apple TV+ subscription.

You might ask "Do they have Spirited?" Yes they do! Multiple episodes of "Spirited" are available on YouTube TV, which has successfully managed to negotiate rights to some popular TV shows. And if it's not enough? Their library is adding new content all the time, including numerous exclusive shows and films.

Like other streaming platforms, YouTube TV is far from perfect but it definitely has its strengths. One of its major selling points is its unlimited capability for cloud-based DVR. This means you can record as much as you want, as long as you watch your recordings in 9 months. Beat that!

Right, let's look at the pricing - $64.99/month. Pricey right? Yes but remember you got unlimited DVR, a solid content library and up to 6 accounts available per household. Throw in the fact that you get 3 streams of it all at the same time if you so choose, that's a lot of bang for your buck.

Always be online-savvy though! Don't forget to use a VPN if you find YouTube TV is not available in your country or region. Protecting yourself from prying eyes while liberating your streaming choices seems like a win-win.

So, while other platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ have their pros, don't forget to consider YouTube TV. With its growing library and unique features, it may prove to be a worthy contender.

Option 6: Rent or purchase episodes on platforms

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Don't want to commit to a streaming service? That's fair! You could always choose the good old-fashioned method of renting or purchasing TV show episodes. This alternative doesn't demand monthly subscription fees! However, this option could turn pricey if you're planning to binge-watch a few seasons of "Spirited".

Pay-Per-View Platforms

Platforms such as Google Play TV & Movies, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video provide this exciting option. Here's a quick rundown of them.

Google Play TV & Movies

When you're a Google fan, it's only practical to make use of Google Play TV & Movies. Here, you can rent or purchase episodes in standard or high definition. The prices can range, but typically, it's reasonable.


For iOS users, iTunes can feel a bit like home. You can purchase each episode as they air, or simply wait for the complete season to be available for the purchase.

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video is another brilliant option. This platform allows you to buy or rent episodes without a Prime subscription. So once you pay for an episode, it's yours to view as frequently as you'd want.

It's crucial to keep in mind though, you may need a VPN to gain access to the services if you're located outside the USA.

Comparing Costs

To keep it transparent, here’s a quick comparison of the usual episode costs.

Google Play TV & Movies iTunes Amazon Instant Video
SD $1.99 $1.99 $1.99
HD $2.99 $2.99 $2.99

Note: The prices may slightly vary based on the popularity and importancy of the episodes. Also, you might find package deals for complete seasons which often cost less than buying each episode individually.

Remember, every dollar spent is an investment in your entertainment. So weigh your options, consider the pros and cons, and make a choice that fits your viewing habits the best.


You've got the power to watch Spirited without an Apple TV+ subscription. Platforms like Google Play TV & Movies, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video are at your fingertips. You've seen the cost comparisons and learned about the importance of a VPN for international access. Now, it's your turn to choose the best route for your viewing pleasure. Remember, the best choice is the one that suits your viewing habits and budget. Happy streaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch "Spirited" without having an Apple TV+ subscription?

Yes, you can watch "Spirited" without an Apple TV+ subscription by either purchasing or renting episodes on platforms such as Google Play TV & Movies, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video.

What are some platforms where I can rent or buy episodes of "Spirited"?

You may rent or buy episodes of "Spirited" on platforms such as Google Play TV & Movies, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video.

Do the costs vary from platform to platform?

Yes, the costs for renting or purchasing episodes of "Spirited" vary across platforms. Comparison of the costs was made in the article.

I'm not located in the USA, can I still access these services?

Even if you're not in the USA, you can still access these platforms with the use of a VPN.

What should I consider when choosing a platform?

In choosing a platform, consider the cost, user experience, and your viewing habits. The right platform for you is the one that fits best with your preferences.

This article was originally published on 29 Jan 2024 but has been regularly updated to keep the information current.
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