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Simple Steps to Power Down Your iPhone 12: A Must-Know Guide

Explore our easy-to-follow guide on turning off your iPhone 12. Our step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting tips will ensure a smooth process. The article also dives into future power issue solutions for iPhone 12. Enhance your tech skills with us!

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Published Jan 25, 2024

You've just upgraded to the latest iPhone 12, but you're puzzled about how to turn it off. It's not as straightforward as it used to be, right? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the easy steps to power down your iPhone 12. Whether you're conserving battery life or troubleshooting, knowing how to properly turn off your device is essential.

Step 1: Access the Side Button

Once you've made up your mind to power down your iPhone 12, the first order of business is accessing the side button. On the right-hand side of your device, you'll find a lone button. It's longer than the others and it's located midway between the top and bottom of the phone.

This button's called the side button, and it's one part of the key combination you need to turn off your iPhone 12. This differs from previous iPhone models that allowed users to turn off their device using just one button. The change might seem odd at first, but with a little practice, it'll become second nature.

It's important to note that the side button serves multiple functions depending on how you interact with it. A single press can wake the device or put it to sleep, while holding it down summons Siri. However, in the context of trying to power down the device, the side button needs to be used in conjunction with the volume buttons.

In terms of right or left-handed use, whether you're holding your iPhone 12 in your right hand or left, you'll be able to easily access the side button. Balanced design is something Apple takes seriously in its product development. The versatility of this button placement ensures efficient use of the device with minimal discomfort.

Being aware of where the side button is and how to use it in tandem with other buttons is the first step towards learning to power down your iPhone 12. The following steps will further detail the power off process.

Step 2: Hold Down the Side and Volume Buttons

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Moving forward from identifying the side button, let's expand your understanding to the next essential step. To successfully turn off your iPhone 12, you need to interact with the volume buttons along with the side button.

You'll find the volume buttons on the left of your device. They're distinctively designed, consisting of the 'volume up' and 'volume down' buttons. The shape and location of these buttons make them easy to reach and use.

Here's how to use these buttons to power down your iPhone 12:

  1. Simultaneously press and hold down the side button and either one of the volume buttons.
  2. Continue holding them down. Your screen will briefly go dark before the power off slider appears.
  3. Slide the power off slider from left to right to turn off your device.

Note: If you release the buttons too early, you might activate other functions. For instance, if you quickly press and release both buttons, you might accidentally capture a screenshot instead. Conversely, if you press and hold these buttons for an extended period, you may activate the emergency SOS feature.

So, mastering the press-and-hold technique is crucial when turning off your device. It's just a matter of holding long enough to see the Power off slider, but not too long that you initiate unwanted features.

Let's delve deeper into what happens if you hold the buttons for prolonged periods. If you hold down the side and either one of the volume buttons for more than five seconds, the emergency SOS countdown will start. This will automatically call your local emergency services after the countdown unless you cancel it.

In this step, timing is everything. Practice makes perfect so don't worry if you don't succeed at first. Try a few times, and soon you'll master this step in the process of turning off your iPhone 12.

Step 3: Slide to Power Off

Once you've mastered the press-and-hold technique, your iPhone screen will display three sliding buttons: emergency SOS, medical ID, and slide to power off. Your goal here is the last one. The question remains: how do you slide to power off your iPhone 12?

Your finger performs the magic. Move your finger across the screen over the "slide to power off" bar, starting from the left side and sliding towards the right. You don't have to apply much pressure; a gentle swipe is sufficient. Avoid swiping too quickly, which might cancel the action.

Make sure you aim your swipe directly on the slide to power off message. It's actually a control button, not just a text. Your iPhone will shut down immediately once the sliding action has been successfully completed.

Here, being precise rather than quick is the key. If you miss the target area by going too high or too low, the iPhone will stay on. It's also worth noting that the other two sliding bars, emergency SOS and medical ID, have specific functions geared towards safety and health respectively. Accidentally activating these features will not turn off your device.

In completing step 3, remember to practice patience. Navigating the three-slide display may feel a bit complicated, but with practice, you'll find the process becoming second nature.

Let's recap your sliding action:

  • Start from the left, aiming right on the slide to power off bar.
  • Use a gentle swipe, not doing it too fast to avoid cancelling the action.
  • Be precise with your finger movement, staying within the bar area.

You're through the most essential stages of turning off your iPhone 12, now, let's brace up for a seamless continuation in the subsequent steps. Don't let the seeming complexity deter you. With the right technique, turning off your iPhone becomes a breeze.

Step 4: Wait for the iPhone to Shut Down

Now that you've mastered the art of sliding to power off, understand that the actual power-off process takes a bit of time. Don't be alarmed. Your iPhone 12 isn't broken. It's just taking its time to shut down.

Just as when you slide to power off, you'll need a bit of finesse here. It's quite tempting to press buttons or tap on your screen in the meanwhile, but don't. As long as you see the rotating circle on the screen, your device is still in the process of turning off. Let it happen. Yes, that means you must put your iPhone down – and no, it doesn't mean something's wrong.

Warning Signs Correct Action
The rotating circle appears to be stuck Be patient, wait it out
Your iPhone appears to reboot instead Try the sliding to power off process again

With this step, you're closer to successfully mastering the iPhone 12 power-off process, with only a couple more steps to go. Your job at this stage is mostly done, now it's up to your device. The ball's essentially in your phone's court. Just remember something vital - patience is key.

So whether it's shutting down or powering back up again, ensuring the smooth operation of your iPhone 12 requires patience and precision. Just like any professional athlete, you must keep your eye on the game and your fingers off the panic button. Let's move onto the next step of this power-off process, where we'll discuss what happens when your iPhone has finally powered down.

Step 5: Power On Your iPhone 12

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Patience is of utmost importance in the process of powering on your iPhone 12. You've successfully navigated the process of turning off your device and refrained from unnecessary button pressing or errant screen tapping. Now, it's time to power it back on.

To power on your iPhone 12, follow these clear, step-by-step instructions:

Although it's exciting to bring your phone back to life, remember to avoid any unnecessary button pressing or screen touching while you're waiting for it to power back on. It's essential not to press any additional buttons or touch the screen unless instructed to do so.

This process, like powering off, requires patience. Your iPhone might take a few seconds or even a few minutes to fully boot up, depending on factors like your battery's charge level or your phone's general health. Wait until you see your lock screen before attempting to use your phone.

Circumstances may occur where your iPhone 12 doesn't power up after a few moments. If you've waited patiently and still see no sign of life, don't panic. There are a number of troubleshooting steps you can take, which will be revealed in our subsequent discussion.

Every iPhone user inevitably needs to turn their phone off and on again. Whether it's for troubleshooting, battery conservation, or simply to refresh your device, powering off and on your iPhone 12 has been made easier by these steps.

Next, we're going to delve into the rare, but possible instances where powering on your iPhone 12 might present a challenge. So, stay vigilant and be ready to learn how to troubleshoot power issues with your iPhone 12.


You've now got all the knowledge you need to turn off your iPhone 12. The step-by-step guide should've made the process simple and straightforward. Patience is key here, as rushing might lead to unwanted outcomes. If your device doesn't power up right away, don't panic. There are ways to troubleshoot this issue. Remember, your iPhone 12 is a sophisticated piece of technology, and understanding how to properly handle it will ensure its longevity. Stay tuned for our next post where we'll delve into troubleshooting power issues with your iPhone 12. With the right knowledge, you're always in control.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn on the iPhone 12?

To turn on the iPhone 12, simply hold down the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Be patient, refrain from unnecessary button pressing and ensure not to touch the screen.

What do I do if my iPhone 12 won't power on?

If your iPhone 12 doesn't power up, this article suggests trying different troubleshooting steps. These may include charging the device, resetting it, or seeking professional help if problems persist.

What is the next topic of discussion in the series?

The next topic of discussion in this article series will be more detailed solutions and troubleshooting techniques for power issues associated with the iPhone 12.

This article was originally published on 25 Jan 2024 but has been regularly updated to keep the information current.
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