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How to Quiet Your iPhone Notifications: A Step-by-Step Guide

Silence your iPhone notifications easily with this step-by-step guide. Learn how to customize settings and enjoy a distraction free experience!

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Published Dec 9, 2022

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 5 minutes

What you'll need: iPhone

  • To silence notifications on your iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications.
  • Learning how to silence notifications on an iPhone can help create a more peaceful and distraction-free environment.
  • In this article, you'll learn how to customize your iPhone notifications to keep your phone from becoming a distraction.

This guide will walk you through the steps needed to silence notifications on an iPhone. Notifications can be a huge distraction, especially when they start buzzing and playing sounds at all times of the day. Being able to control them gives you more freedom and allows you to be in control of your device. The process is simple but requires some time and effort. We have outlined all the steps necessary here so that anyone can follow along easily!

how to silence notifications on iphone

To silence notifications on an iPhone, open the Settings app and tap Notifications. Choose the App you wish to silence, then turn off Allow Notifications or select None for Alerts. You can also turn off Badge App Icon and Sounds from within this menu.

  1. Open the iPhone's Settings app
  2. Tap Notifications
  3. Choose which apps you want to receive notifications from by tapping their names.
  4. Toggle the “Allow Notifications” switch on or off. li >
  5. Set individual notification settings such as sounds, alerts, and badges. li >
Our takeaway

To put it simply, managing your iPhone notifications doesn't have to be a frustrating experience. By following this step-by-step guide, you should now know exactly how to quickly and easily silence the noise from your phone and get back to enjoying a life free from distraction. So go forth and stay connected without being overwhelmed! If you need a last bit of motivation, consider this: when making the effort to turn off notifications on your phone, you're actually choosing peace over chaos. That's something worth celebrating - so take a moment today to thank yourself for taking steps towards creating an environment that allows for productivity without interruption.


How do I turn off notifications for individual apps on my iPhone?

The process to disable app notifications on your iPhone will vary depending on what device you have. On iPhones that run iOS 12 or higher, open the Settings app, tap Notifications and then scroll down to find the app you'd like to disable notifications from. Tap the name of the app, then toggle off Allow Notifications. On earlier iPhones running iOS 11, swipe up from your home screen and open the Settings app, select Notifications and then choose the app whose notifications you want to turn off.

Can I customize the types of notifications that appear on my lock screen?

Yes, you can customize the types of notifications that appear on your lock screen by adjusting your notification settings. On iOS 13 and above, you can go to Settings > Notifications > Show Previews and choose Always, When Unlocked, or Never.

How do I adjust notification settings to control how long they appear on my iPhone's screen?

To adjust the length of time that notifications remain on your iPhone’s screen, go to Settings > Notifications and tap the app whose notification you want to customize. You can then select an alert type (Banners or Alerts) and set how long it will stay on your iPhone’s lock screen.

Is there a way to receive push notifications even when Do Not Disturb is turned on?

Yes, you can enable certain types of notifications to bypass Do Not Disturb. To do this, go to your Settings app > Notification > Do Not Disturb and toggle on Allow Calls From or Repeat Alerts.

Is it possible to receive text message notifications without unlocking my phone?

Yes, you can receive text message notifications without unlocking your iPhone. You can do this by enabling “Show Previews” in Settings > Notifications. This will allow previews of messages on the lock screen.

This article was originally published on 9 Dec 2022 but has been regularly updated to keep the information current.
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