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Laptops are one of those items that people want to protect or decorate with stickers. 

Laptops usually have two types of stickers, which the manufacturers place to communicate what is inside the laptop or what features it carries.

For instance, brand logo, device specs, processor information, manufacturing details, service code, activation code stickers, serial number stickers, battery information, and warranty seals. 

The other stickers are those that the individuals place, and these are called decorative or promotional stickers. 

Special care is required to place these stickers to avoid damaging your laptop. 

You should know whether the adhesive used to stick on is suitable to bond with your laptop body material (plastic or aluminum) or not?

Because removing these stickers is a tough job as they leave a sticky residue that you cannot get rid of quickly. 

You need to learn specific tactics to remove residue smoothly without leaving any mark behind.

Can You Remove Stickers from a laptop?

Can You Remove Stickers from a laptop?

It is easy to apply but difficult to remove stickers from a laptop. However, you must believe that every problem comes with a solution. 

Removing laptop stickers is a common issue of the majority of people. 

There are several safe and easy home remedies to remove stickers from laptops. You can easily remove stickers from your laptop by using some very common items that you usually have in your home.

What Type of Laptop Stickers can be Easily Removed?

What Type of Laptop Stickers can be Easily Removed?

There are several types of stickers used to decorate laptops. Stickers protect laptops from starches and promote the aesthetic standards of the user.

Laptop stickers come in various materials, and you should select a suitable sticker for your laptop depending on the body material of your machine.

There are a lot of stickers materials for the laptops. Vinyl is the safest and most popular sticker since you can easily remove them without leaving any glue residue behind on the laptop surface.

The strength of the adhesive is the factor that affects the ease of removal. 

If your laptop has a metal body, you can use medium to solid strength adhesives. 

Laptops with a plastic body should only use vinyl stickers with standard strength adhesive.

How Do I Get Stickers Off My Laptop?

How Do I Get Stickers Off My Laptop?

Getting stickers off a laptop can be difficult, but it's not impossible.

Some stickers have a strong adhesive bond, and it becomes tough to remove them without leaving any stain on the laptop surface. 

There are a bunch of different ways you can remove stubborn stickers residue:

1. Use a Hair Dryer or Heat Gun

Use a Hair Dryer or Heat Gun

A hairdryer is one of the easiest ways to get rid of stickers and residue. 

Give the sticker air blow with the help of a hairdryer or heat gun for around thirty to forty seconds, and the sticker should start loosening its grip, and its glue will start melting. 

When you feel that the sticker has loosened up the grip, you can softly pull it off. 

Focus the heat on a specific point and rotate the hairdryer or heat gun around the sticker edges. Make sure you give heat, keeping a reasonable distance from the device.

Remember to set your dryer or heat gun at the lowest setting as too much or continuous heat can damage your laptop, and if you are removing a large sticker, take breaks every 30 seconds. 

2. Use Rubbing Alcohol 

Use Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol is the best solvent for removing sticker residue from laptops with plastic or metal surfaces. 

Take a small piece of wool cotton or cotton pad, put some alcohol on it and rub gently on the sticker in circular motions. 

It will soften the sticker, peel it off gently, and then take some more alcohol on a cotton pad to wipe the sticker's leftover adhesive until it is gone. 

You can also use a credit card to scrub the soggy sticker after applying alcohol. 

3. Use Liquid Soap

Use Liquid Soap

To remove stickers from a laptop, you can also use liquid hand soaps. 

Put a small amount of liquid soap on the sticker area, spread the liquid on the laptop surface using a sponge or brush, and leave it for a couple of minutes. 

When the sticker gets properly wet and soggy, rub it gently with the help of a sponge and wipe it off using a lint-free cloth. 

Make sure you avoid pouring liquid hand soaps directly on the laptop use sponge to take liquid on it and then apply it to the sticker. This way, you can prevent fluid from entering the machine. 

4. Use Hand Sanitizer

Use Hand Sanitizer

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, hand sanitizer has become a must-have item, and it works well in removing adhesives. 

You can use it to remove stickers from a laptop. Pour a small amount of sanitizer on the sticker and leave it for a few minutes, sanitizer substance will penetrate the sticker from the edges and reduce sticker friction.

You can now rub it with your thumb or scrub it using a plastic card. 

If some residue remains, rub it in circular motions with the help of a wet, damp microfiber cloth dipped in hot water. 

5. Oily Lubricants

Oily Lubricants

Oil and petroleum jelly can also help remove sticker residue. 

You can use any type of oil for this purpose, such as cooking oil, hair oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, vegetable oil, and baby oil. 

This hack works well for removing stickers from a laptop. Apply oil or petroleum jelly to the sticker and leave it for five to ten minutes. 

Buff it with the help of a toothbrush and then remove the residue with the help of a dry cloth. 

6. Homemade Paste

Homemade Paste

Various other homemade recipes can help in removing sticker residue. 

You can make a simple paste using baking soda, water, and vinegar. Instantly apply it to the sticky surface. 

Let it dry, and then remove it using a damp cloth dipped in hot water. Rub with a clean, lint-free cloth until no residue remains on the laptop surface. 


I hope this guide has helped you remove stickers from your laptop. 

Now you can safely apply the suggested methods to remove sticker residue. 

You can use the same methods for your other home appliances as well. When you successfully experience these methods, you can pass them on to your friends and colleagues to help the community. 

If you are not comfortable or afraid of using home remedies, you can find professional people from the market who do this work every day.

However, we still recommend that you give these methods a try. Just be a little careful during the application of the technique. Once you see the result, you are good to go.

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FAQs about Removing Stickers from Laptop

Do stickers ruin laptops?

No, not necessarily. Choosing the suitable sticker for your laptop genuinely protects the device, enhances its beauty, and preserves its original skin. The important thing is that you have to know how to remove stickers properly. 

Can nail polish remover remove sticker residue?

It depends that from which surface stuff you want to remove sticker residue. If it is plastic, avoid using nail polish remover because it fades the surface if the mixture substance is potent. Nail polish can take out all types of stains on your laptop. 

Are vinyl stickers safe for a laptop?

Yes, high-quality vinyl stickers work so well. However, vinyl stickers with strong adhesives are not recommended for plastic body laptops because they can flake off the laptop skin when removed. Some stickers come with strong-strength adhesives. You should only use high-strength adhesive stickers on metallic and glass surfaces because they are tough to remove. 

How do you remove a sticker without ripping it?

Heat the sticker with a heat gun or hairdryer. Start slowly peeling off the sticker from the edge, then pry up from one side and peel. If the sticker shows resistance, give appropriate heat and repeat it until it works. You can use a credit card, plastic card, or some soft-edged items to pry up the corner of the sticker. Avoid instant pulling and peeling until the sticker losses its grip. 

What can be the Best Place on a Laptop to Put Stickers?

You must understand where you should place stickers on a laptop. You need to stick them in places where they do not block critical features of your laptop, like speakers, camera, and exhaust fans. If you live in a harsh climate, we do not recommend using stickers because the temperature is the primary factor that influences adhesion. Both too low and too high temperatures are not ideal for applying adhesive materials.