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Unleash HIIT, Yoga & More: Ultimate Guide to Getting Apple Fitness+ on Your TV

Boost your home workouts with Apple Fitness+ on your TV. Discover how to set up and connect your Apple Fitness+ account to your TV, sync your Apple Watch, and explore a myriad of workout options. Unleash a fitter you with our comprehensive guide.

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Published Jan 29, 2024

You're looking to take your fitness game to the next level, and Apple Fitness+ on your TV seems like the perfect solution. But how do you get started? Don't worry, we've got your back.

Apple Fitness+ is a game-changer, offering a wide range of workouts that you can do right in your living room. It's like having a personal trainer on your big screen. But setting it up might seem daunting.

Connecting your TV to Apple Fitness+

Once you've decided to bring Apple Fitness+ into your life, it's time to get you up and running — or cycling, or HIIT training — right on your TV screen. Don't worry, setting up Apple Fitness+ on your TV isn't as daunting as it might seem. You'll just need to follow some simple steps.

Firstly, it's important to have the right equipment. You'll need an Apple TV that's 4th generation or later, and it needs to be running tvOS 14.3 or higher. If your Apple TV isn't up-to-date, you'll need to update it. Here's how:

  1. Open 'Settings'.
  2. Scroll to 'System'.
  3. Go to 'Software Updates'.
  4. Click on 'Update Software'.
  5. If there's an update available, choose 'Download and Install'.

Once your Apple TV is ready, it's time to sync it with your Apple Watch. Yes, you heard it right — you'll need an Apple Watch Series 3 or later. This little gadget is key, as Apple Fitness+ is designed to work with it.

To pair your Apple Watch to your TV, set your watch nearby and follow these steps:

  1. Open the 'App Store' on your Apple TV.
  2. Search for 'Apple Fitness+'.
  3. Download and open the Apple Fitness+ app.
  4. A unique code will appear on your TV screen. Enter this code on your Apple Watch.
  5. A confirmation message will appear once the devices are paired.

It's not just your TV and Apple Watch involved. Make sure you've got the latest version of iOS and watchOS on your respective devices, and keep your iPhone nearby, as some workouts require it.

With everything talk, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that you're setting up an innovative, fully-integrated exercise experience, right in your own living room. Apple Fitness+ brings the best workouts to you, no matter your fitness level. So, you're not just connecting your TV to Apple Fitness+, but you're connecting yourself to a healthier, more active lifestyle. And that's more than worth a few minutes of setup.

Setting up your Apple Fitness+ account

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Are you ready to get started with Apple Fitness+? Great! Next, you can't skip the important step of setting up your Apple Fitness+ account. Even if this is the first time you're dealing with this type of technology don't be disheartened! It's quite straightforward once you take it step by step.

First off, grab your iPhone and open the Fitness app. If you can't find it right away don't fret, it's there. Scroll your home screen a little, swipe twice from left to right if needed. It's the app with a colorful heart icon.

Once you have the Fitness app open, look in the bottom-right corner for a plus symbol (+). It won't be immediately apparent, you need to navigate to the 'Fitness+' tab. Once you're there, you'll find the option to set up your Apple Fitness+ at the bottom.

Tap on ‘Get 1 Month Free’ (if it’s your first time using Apple Fitness+). It's stunning! Apple offers the first month completely free. Could you ask for a better start? You’ll then be navigated to the page that outlines the different subscription options.

Choose a Subscription plan that suits your needs and budget. This is imperative, so think it through. You have two plans - individual at $9.99/month and family for $19.99/month. The 'Family' plan provides access to up to 6 family members which is a steal if you ask us!

Once you've selected a plan, tap ‘Start 1 Month Free’ then confirm your subscription. Once confirmed, you'll get a message indicating the successful completion of your subscription setup.

Your account is ready, and you are almost set to have your first workout session on the big screen! But wait, there is a bit more to come.

The next step is connecting your TV to Apple Fitness+. Yes, you're only a few steps away from enjoying a more immersive and innovative exercise experience right here, at your home. The following sections will guide you through this last phase of the setup. Don't you worry, you've already done the toughest part! Let’s forge ahead, shall we?

Choosing the right equipment for Apple Fitness+ on TV

Now that your Apple Fitness+ account is all set, it's time to ensure you have the appropriate equipment to connect your TV. Obviously, you require a TV, but beyond that, there are additional items you need to double-check.

First, ensure you have an Apple device that can broadcast Apple Fitness+ to your TV. It could be your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. To put it simply, you can't run Apple Fitness+ without some kind of Apple device.

In the case of an iPhone or iPad, make sure it's running on iOS 14.3 or later versions. For Mac, confirm it's on macOS Big Sur 11.1 or newer.

Next, your Apple device and TV should be compatible with AirPlay 2, which is vital for streaming Apple Fitness+ from your device to your TV. There's a host of TVs from various well-known brands, such as Samsung, LG, and Sony that support AirPlay 2. Feel free to check Apple's list of AirPlay 2-compatible devices, if you're uncertain of your TV's capabilities.

Lastly, but critically, your home network needs reliable and broad-bandwidth Wi-Fi, which implicates a smooth streaming experience without glitches.

Here's a quick overview of the necessary requirements:

Equipment Requirement
Apple Device iPhone, iPad, or Mac
Software Version iOS 14.3/ macOS Big Sur 11.1 or later
TV Compatibility AirPlay 2-supported
Internet Connection High-speed and reliable Wi-Fi network

So, before you kick-start your workout session on Apple Fitness+, double-check the above-mentioned specs. That way, your every step, stretch, and jump would be in sync with the trainers on the screen.

Syncing your Apple Watch with your TV for a seamless experience

Let's turn our attention towards perfecting your Apple Fitness+ experience by syncing your Apple Watch with your TV. The goal is to facilitate a seamless, interactive, and highly personalized fitness journey.

To begin with, remember that your Apple Watch is the primary tool for tracking your workouts. It's a wearable fitness wizard that breathes life into your virtual classes on Apple Fitness+, enabling you to interact with your instructors as they guide you through every move.

Pairing Your Apple Watch with Your TV

Ensure that your watch is updated to the latest watchOS. Also, it should be series 3 or later to support Fitness+ classes.

  1. Open the Fitness app on your watch
  2. Tap on the Fitness+ tab
  3. Choose a workout and it will then automatically play on your TV

Mirroring Screen to TV for More Interactive Sessions

In order to dive into a more interactive session, you can mirror your Apple Watch screen on your TV. However, this feature requires an Apple TV or a compatible smart TV that supports AirPlay.

To get started:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your watch's screen to open the Control Center
  2. Tap on AirPlay
  3. Choose your TV from the list of available devices
  4. Presto! Your Watch's screen is now mirrored on your TV.

With your Apple Watch successfully tethered to your TV, a world of immersive, real-time workout sessions awaits you. This technology-rich environment will encourage you to strive harder, breathe deeper, and leap higher, all in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It's not just about surviving your workout anymore, it's about loving every heart-thumping, sweat-dripping minute of it, and looking forward to the next one.

Exploring the different workout options available on Apple Fitness+

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Now that you've set up Apple Fitness+ on your TV, it's time to dive in and discover the vast range of workout options available to you. Apple Fitness+ offers ten different types of workout routines, ensuring there's something for everyone.

1. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): This rapid workout pushes you in short, highly intense bursts. Train hard with the world's best trainers and feel the result in no time.

2. Yoga: A calming yoga session can come in handy after a tough day. Learn the best yoga postures from expert practitioners.

3. Core: Focused on strengthening your core muscles, these workouts are the key to a healthier body.

4. Strength: Are you looking to build muscle? These strength-training sessions can help, utilizing a mix of bodyweight and free-weight exercises.

5. Treadmill Walk: Perfect for a light workout or a workout beginner.

6. Treadmill Run: Take your treadmill sessions to the next level.

7. Cycling: Stationary bike sessions that push you to the brink.

8. Rowing: A full-body workout, perfect for burning maximum calories.

9. Dance: Break a sweat while learning new moves, making fitness fun.

10. Mindful Cooldown: This routine bolsters recovery, focusing on stretching and mindfulness, promoting a sense of calm.

Here's a basic breakdown of the workouts with their typical session lengths. It could help you decide which workout plan suits you the best:

Workout Type Session Length
HIIT 10–30 minutes
Yoga 10–45 minutes
Core 10–20 minutes
Strength 10–45 minutes
Treadmill Walk 10–30 minutes
Treadmill Run 20–45 minutes
Cycling 20–45 minutes
Rowing 20–45 minutes
Dance 20–30 minutes
Mindful Cooldown 5–10 minutes

Here's to enhance your Apple Fitness+ experience! Choose your kind of workout and immerse yourself in the fun of keeping fit.


You've now got all the tools you need to get Apple Fitness+ on your TV. Remember, it's not just about setting up. It's about choosing the right workout for you and embracing the fun of fitness. Whether it's high-intensity interval training or a mindful cooldown routine, Apple Fitness+ has got you covered. So go ahead, sync your Apple Watch, connect your TV and dive into a world of fitness that's tailored just for you. With Apple Fitness+, your fitness journey is just a click away. Enjoy the convenience and diversity of workouts right in your living room. Happy training!

How can I connect my TV to Apple Fitness+?

You can connect your TV to Apple Fitness+ by setting up your Apple Fitness+ account first and then connecting it to your TV using the appropriate device and cables. Make sure to follow the step-by-step guide provided in the article for accurate setup.

What equipment is needed to connect my TV to Apple Fitness+?

You will need an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV), a compatible TV, and the necessary cables to connect the two. An Apple Watch is also recommended for syncing and monitoring your workouts.

What workout options does Apple Fitness+ offer?

Apple Fitness+ offers a variety of workout options including high-intensity interval training, yoga, core workouts, strength training, treadmill sessions, cycling, rowing, dance workouts, and mindful cooldown routines.

How long is a typical workout session on Apple Fitness+?

The session lengths vary depending on the workout type. However, the article provides a breakdown of typical session durations for each workout type. The flexibility of these sessions allows you to choose workouts that best fit into your schedule.

Can I sync my Apple Watch with Apple Fitness+ on my TV?

Yes, you can sync your Apple Watch with Apple Fitness+ on your TV. This allows for a seamless workout experience where you can monitor your progress directly from your wrist while enjoying your workout on the big screen.

This article was originally published on 29 Jan 2024 but has been regularly updated to keep the information current.
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