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Master Your Apple TV: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Close Apps

Discover easy-to-follow steps on how to close apps on Apple TV in this informative article. Improve your device's performance and conserve storage by masterfully navigating the Settings menu or the multitasking screen. Learn why closing apps contributes to optimal streaming and prolongs your device's lifespan.

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Published Jan 29, 2024

Ever wondered how to keep your Apple TV running smoothly? One simple trick is closing apps you're not using. It's not only easy but also helps in maintaining the performance of your device.

You might not realize it, but just like your smartphone or computer, your Apple TV also keeps apps running in the background. These can slow down your device over time. By learning how to close these apps, you'll keep your Apple TV in top shape.

Why should you close apps on Apple TV?

You might be asking yourself why it's necessary to close apps on your Apple TV. After all, it's a digital streaming device, not a laptop or a smartphone. Well, here's the truth: regardless of the device type, unneeded processes running can substantially impact performance.

Apps left open on your Apple TV use up its computing power, potentially slowing down the device over time. It's like leaving all the lights on in your home - needless waste of power that achieves nothing, and leaves less energy for the things you truly need. Unlike laptops and smartphones, your Apple TV has no visual indicator to show you the apps that are open in the background. These forgotten apps silently drain the resources of your device, potentially leading to sluggish performance or even glitches.

Critically, this slow down is not to be taken lightly. It can have real effects on your streaming experience. Who wants to be in the middle of a gripping climax and have the video stutter? This frustration can be avoided by simply reducing the number of apps running in the background.

Furthermore, closing unnecessary apps also contributes to the longevity of your device's life. Excessive use of any electronic device will eventually lead to wear and tear, and Apple TV is no different. By maintaining a 'clean house' with regard to app use, you're taking preventative measures to protect your investment and extend the lifetime of your Apple TV.

Checking in on the apps in use and closing those that aren't needed is not a Herculean task. It's actually quite a simple trick to help you safeguard the performance of your device. As you grow more familiar with the process, you'll find that it becomes second nature in no time.

So that's the why, but what about the how? In the next section of our article, we're going to walk through the procedure for closing apps step by step. You'll see how easy it is to ensure that your Apple TV keeps running smoothly.

How to check which apps are running on your Apple TV?

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Knowing how to check which apps are running on your Apple TV can be a game-changer when it comes to enhancing your device's performance. It allows you to identify any unused applications that are consuming processing power.

Firstly, make use of Apple TV's multitasking screen. Much like the app switcher function on your iPhone or iPad, the multitasking screen allows you to see all the apps that are currently open. To access this feature:

  • Press the TV/Home button on your Apple TV remote twice.
  • You'll see a carousel of apps that are currently active.

Swipe to the right or left to scroll through the apps. Any apps you find here are the ones using your Apple TV's resources.

Another method is to check the Apple TV's storage settings. You can dig down into the details of your apps and discover how much space each one is utilizing. If you notice an app taking up substantial storage and you're not actively using it, consider closing it.

To check out how much storage an app is using, do the following:

  • Head to Settings.
  • Navigate to General and select Manage Storage.
  • Here, you'll find a list of apps and the space they're consuming.

By identifying the apps running in the background, you'll not only increase the lifespan of your Apple TV but also allow for smoother streaming. Stay mindful of the apps you've opened and remember to close them when they're no longer needed. After all, even a highly efficient system like the Apple TV can be weighed down by background apps.

Next up, we'll dive into the actual process of closing these apps to optimize your Apple TV experience.

How to close apps on Apple TV?

Just understanding the reasons on why you should keep your apps in control on Apple TV is half the battle. The next half is figuring out the how. So let's dive in to explore the two simple routes to close apps on your Apple TV.

Method #1: Closing Apps through Multitasking Screen

First off, let's explore the quickest and most direct way to close apps on your Apple TV by using the multitasking screen. Here's a simple guide to follow:

  • Pick up your Apple TV remote and double-click on the TV/Home button. This action conjures up your multitasking screen.
  • In this view, you'll see all your open apps arranged horizontally.
  • Now, swipe right or left on the Touch surface of the remote to navigate through the open apps.
  • Once you've selected the app you want to close, swipe up on the Touch surface. Voilà! The chosen app is now closed.

Method #2: Closing Apps through the Settings menu

The second method to close apps involves a few more steps but it gives you a detailed insight on the apps eating up your storage.

To begin with, head over to the Settings menu on your Apple TV and follow the below steps:

  • In the Settings menu, select General.
  • After which, choose Manage Storage. This presents you with an overview of all the apps on your device and the amount of storage they're occupying.
  • Simply click on the trash icon next to the app you want to close. On confirming the action, the app is closed and also removed from storage.

Closing apps on Apple TV isn't rocket science. It's all about getting familiar with the process and then making it a part of your routine use. Practicing these steps will assure the longevity of your device and provide you with an optimal streaming experience.

How to force quit apps on Apple TV?

Digital clutter can take a toll on your device's performance and capacity. The Apple TV, for instance, has various apps that when left open, introduce unnecessary weight. But here's a trick for you. Similar to your iPhone or iPad, you can force close applications on your Apple TV.

Method 1: Use the Multitasking Screen

Step one is grabbing your Siri Remote. To close an app on your Apple TV, double-click the TV button on your Siri Remote. This button is typically found at the top right corner of the remote. Doing so will bring up your multitasking screen, showing all the apps currently open.

Functioning like a carousel, your multitasking screen allows you to navigate through your open apps by swiping right or left. Once you've located the app you wish to close, simply swipe up on the Siri Remote's touch surface. You'll notice the app disappearing, signaling it's now closed and no longer running in the background.

Method 2: Access the Settings Menu

For a comprehensive view, you can opt for the Settings Menu. On the home screen of your Apple TV, select Settings. In the Settings panel, pick General, then proceed to Manage Storage.

Here lays a list of all your Apple TV apps with details of the storage they consume. The sneaky ones eating up more than their share of your storage can be simply removed by clicking on the trash icon next to the app.

This takes care of decluttering your device, giving you the advantage of a smoother, faster Apple TV experience. In fact, the regular practice of these steps will ensure the longevity of the device. It's an added layer of care for your Apple TV that assures an optimal streaming journey. Understandably, it might take a bit of time to incorporate into your routine, but the benefits are well worth it.


So you've got the scoop on how to close apps on your Apple TV. By mastering the two methods - using the multitasking screen and the Settings menu - you're well on your way to maintaining your device's performance and storage. Remember, keeping your apps in check is key to ensuring your Apple TV's longevity and providing you with a top-notch streaming experience. Don't let open apps slow you down. Make these steps a part of your regular Apple TV use, and you'll notice a smoother, more efficient streaming experience. With these tips in your tech toolkit, you're set to get the most out of your Apple TV. Enjoy your streamlined viewing!

How can I force quit an app on my Apple TV using the multitasking screen?

You can force quit an app on your Apple TV using the multitasking screen. Simply double click the TV button on your Siri Remote, navigate through the open apps, and swipe up to close an app.

Is there another way to close apps on Apple TV?

Yes, another method to close apps on Apple TV involves the Settings menu. Navigate to the Settings, select General, and then choose Manage Storage. Here, you can view and close apps.

Why is it important to quit apps on Apple TV?

Closing apps on Apple TV is important to maintain device performance and storage. Keeping multiple programs running can slow down your device and occupy needed storage space.

What are the benefits of regularly force quitting apps on Apple TV?

Regularly force quitting apps on your Apple TV ensures optimal device performance and streaming experience. Moreover, it helps enhance the longevity of your device by preventing unnecessary storage and processing constraints.

This article was originally published on 29 Jan 2024 but has been regularly updated to keep the information current.
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