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Ultimate Guide: How to Check and Replace Your Apple TV Remote Battery

Looking for a comprehensive guide on checking your Apple TV remote battery? Our article provides step-by-step instructions on battery assessment for both Siri and regular Apple TV remotes. Learn how to recharge or replace your battery, understand voltage levels, and explore sync options post-battery change.

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Published Jan 29, 2024

Ever found yourself in the middle of an exciting show and suddenly your Apple TV remote stops responding? It's a common issue that could be due to a drained battery. You're probably wondering how to check your Apple TV remote battery.

Well, you're in the right place! This article will guide you through the simple steps to check the battery level of your Apple TV remote. It's a straightforward process that won't take much of your time. So, let's dive right in and ensure uninterrupted entertainment.

Why check Apple TV remote battery

Now that you're aware of the common issue of an unresponsive Apple TV remote, understanding why checking its battery is essential becomes clear. So let's dive into this.

Mostly, unresponsiveness of the Apple TV remote is linked to a drained battery. It's a common mistake to confuse this simple battery issue with a serious device malfunction. You could end up wasting valuable time. In worse cases, you may even spend unnecessary money on professional repairs or a whole new remote.

Checking your remote's battery level can help you determine when it's time for a battery replacement. This minimal maintenance practice can significantly enhance your overall user experience. The steps are simple and can be done in less than a minute. It doesn't require any technical expertise.

Moreover, with the knowledge of your remote's battery level, interruptions during your favorite shows or movies will become a thing of the past. Just imagine the sudden halt in your Apple TV operating in the climax of your favorite movie. It sounds frustrating, right? That's precisely the kind of inconvenience you can avoid by occasionally checking the battery level.

Not to forget, batteries running out without notice could lead to other issues too. Delays in controlling your TV are one thing, but a completely dead battery can be harmful. If left unattended for a prolonged period, the battery could leak, causing irreversible damage to remote's internal circuits.

Knowing the status of your remote's battery won't just save you from disturbances but can also prolong the life of your remote.

Keeping all these crucial benefits in mind, it's easy to see why it's so beneficial to check the battery level on the Apple TV remote. It ensures a seamless entertainment experience, keeps your remote in top shape, and can even save you some serious bucks. A very small action like this has considerable benefits that you'd want to take advantage of.

Step 1: Remove the remote cover

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It's often overlooked but removing the remote cover of your Apple TV remote is the critical first step in checking your battery's level. It's essential to do this step right as improper handling can lead to damages that are often expensive to fix. Be sure to set aside a proper workspace with enough light.

Begin by holding your remote upside down. You'll find the battery compartment on the lower third of your Apple TV remote. You're looking for a small slit that runs the length of the remote.

Flip the remote around so that the Apple logo is facing you. Now, this part requires some precision. Position your thumb on the ridges at the lower third part, below the Apple logo.

Next, apply some gentle pressure and slide the cover upwards. It's designed to move with some resistance so don't fret if it doesn't pop off instantly. It's important – ensure you're pushing straight upward, not at an angle. If you adhere to this, the battery compartment cover will glide off effortlessly.

The minute the cover starts moving, reduce the amount of pressure you're using to avoid propelling the cover away from the remote. You'll appreciate this tip, especially if you're in a room with a plush carpet. That small cover has a peculiar talent for vanishing into thin air!

Great, once the cover's off: Voilà! There's your battery! You've successfully opened up your Apple TV remote. Pat yourself on the back and prepare for the next step in our guide.

Step 2: Take out the battery

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The next phase in your endeavor to check the Apple TV remote battery level is to remove the battery itself from its compartment. This might seem like a daunting task, but with the right approach, it's not as complicated as it may appear. Don't worry, this guide's got your back.

First up, you'll find a small circular tray at the bottom of your remote. That's where the battery lives. To extract it, press down gently on the silver tab in the battery compartment. Apply just enough pressure to release the battery — there's no need for heavy-handed tactics here!

As the battery eases out of the tray, hold the remote at an angle to help it slide out effortlessly. Be cautious not to drop the battery as it can easily roll off the surface you're working on.

You might ask, "But what do I do if the battery doesn't come out easily?" Simple — gently shake the remote over a soft, flat surface. This should encourage the battery to slide out. But remember, the keyword here is 'gently'. We wouldn't want to harm the internals of the Apple TV remote.

Now that you've successfully removed the battery, remember to place it in a secure location where it will not roll away or become misplaced. Losing your only battery doesn't sound like a good time, does it?

Step 3: Check the battery level

Now that you've successfully removed the battery from your Apple TV remote, it's on to the next stage. Determining the current battery level is vital in understanding if it needs a replacement or not. Fear not, this is a relatively straightforward process!

To check the battery level, you'll need a multimeter. This handy tool measures electrical properties like voltage which is what you're interested in for your battery. Now, you should be aware that a fresh battery should have a voltage level of 1.5 volts.

On the multimeter, set the dial to '20V DC' for direct current voltage. Then, connect the red probe to the positive, flat side of the battery and the black probe to the smooth, round side. Please, don't be alarmed if your reading is slightly less than 1.5 volts! Batteries discharge over time naturally, even when not in use.

Check your multimeter's reading and note it down.

Fresh Battery Voltage Slightly Used Battery Voltage Drained Battery Voltage
1.5 V 1.3 V - 1.4 V Below 1.2 V

If the voltage of your Apple TV remote battery hovers around or slightly below 1.3 volts, your remote still has a good life left. Below 1.2 volts? It might be time for a replacement!

Determine your battery power and take appropriate actions.

Making the decision to replace or recharge the Apple TV remote battery is no small matter. It involves not just the cost of a new battery but also acknowledges the time and effort involved. That said, your remote's performance depends vastly on its power supply. If the battery voltage hits below 1.2 volts, it's a clear-cut indicator that you need to replace or recharge the battery.

Let's walk through both options, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Step 4: Replace or recharge the battery

While the standard Apple TV remote doesn't come with a rechargeable battery, Apple's newer Siri Remote does. If you're using the Siri Remote, recharging is as simple as plugging into a power source with a Lightning to USB cable. Allow it to charge for a minimum of 30 minutes before using it again.

Replacing the Battery

If you're using the regular Apple TV remote and recharging isn't an option, you'll need to replace your battery. Simply remove the old one, take note of the + and - positioning, and insert a fresh CR2032 or BR2032 lithium 3V coin battery.

Be mindful not to mishandle or force the battery to prevent any possible damage. Also, remember to discard the old battery responsibly to protect the environment.

Voltage of New Battery Voltage of Slightly Used Battery Voltage of Drained Battery
CR2032 ~3.3 volts ~2.0 volts ~1.2 volts or below
BR2032 ~3.3 volts ~2.0 volts ~1.2 volts or below

Next, we'll explore how to synchronize your Apple TV remote with your TV after changing the battery.


So, you've now mastered the art of checking your Apple TV remote battery level. Whether you're using the Siri Remote or the regular one, you know exactly what to do when the battery starts to wane. And remember, if it's the Siri Remote, just plug it in to recharge. For the regular remote, you'll need a new CR2032 or BR2032 lithium 3V coin battery. The handy chart you've learned about will keep you on track with the recommended voltage levels. Now, you're ready to move on to the next stage - synchronizing your Apple TV remote with your TV after a battery change. This knowledge empowers you to ensure your Apple TV experience is never interrupted by a drained remote battery. You've got this!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recharge the battery of a Siri Remote for Apple TV?

You can recharge the Siri Remote by plugging it into a power source via a Lightning to USB cable. The cable is not included with the remote and needs to be purchased separately.

How do I replace the battery for the regular Apple TV remote?

Replacing the battery for the regular Apple TV remote involves inserting a new CR2032 or BR2032 lithium 3V coin battery. Ensure that the battery is correctly oriented when inserting into the remote.

What are the recommended voltage levels for a new, slightly used, and drained battery?

The recommended voltage levels for new batteries, slightly used batteries, and drained batteries are included in the detailed chart in the article. These levels can guide you in understanding whether your battery needs replacement.

What is the next step after replacing or recharging the battery in the Apple TV remote?

The next step is to synchronize your Apple TV remote with the TV, a process that will be explored in the next step of our guide. This ensures that the remote can properly control the TV.

This article was originally published on 29 Jan 2024 but has been regularly updated to keep the information current.
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