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Unlock the Secret: How to Effortlessly Close Apps on Your Apple TV

Explore our guide to learn how to close apps on Apple TV to optimize performance. Discover the importance of routine app management, steps to force quit stubborn apps, and tips on tackling app-specific issues. Keep your Apple TV running smoothly and efficiently.

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Published Jan 29, 2024

Ever found yourself wondering how to close apps on your Apple TV? You're not alone. It's a common question, especially among new users.

While Apple TV is designed to be user-friendly, there are still some features that might not be immediately obvious. Closing apps is one of them. But don't worry, it's not as complicated as you might think.

How to Close Apps on Apple TV: A Step-by-Step Guide

Before diving into the step-by-step guide, let's underline the reason behind closing apps on Apple TV. You might wonder why there's any need to close apps. After all, they seemingly disappear when you switch to another. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • It helps free up system resources, making your Apple TV run smoother.
  • It can resolve any issues you might be experiencing with an app.

So, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of how to actually close these apps.

  1. Start by clicking the TV/Home button (the one with the TV icon) on your Siri Remote to go to the Home Screen.
  2. Next, double-click the TV/Home button again. This will bring up the app switcher, a bit like the multitasking view on an iPhone or iPad.
  3. You'll now see your open apps displayed as a series of windows.
  4. Use the touch surface of the Siri Remote to swipe right or left to navigate through your open apps.
  5. Once you've located the app you want to close, simply swipe up on the Siri Remote's touch surface.

And voila! You've closed an app. Repeat these steps for any other apps you wish to close. Don't worry about remembering all these steps right off the bat: it will become second nature with time.

Interestingly, Apple TVs are designed to handle a host of applications simultaneously, without experiencing any performance issues. However, it's good practice to close apps that you are not using. Think of it like a tidying up process, it keeps your device neat, organized, and running in top form.

Method 1: Using the TV App Switcher

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Sometimes, your Apple TV starts acting up because of apps that are open in the background. They may be taking up too much of the system's resources and causing your device to slow down. The quickest and easiest solution is closing these apps.

For this method, you'll be using the app switcher in Apple TV. It's a simple process that takes just a moment to complete and instantly frees up some of those coveted system resources.

Step 1: First off, grab your Siri Remote. This sleek piece of technology is the bridge between you and your Apple TV, and it's the key player in this process.

Step 2: Press the TV/Home button on your Siri Remote. This action will allow you to exit whatever screen you're currently on and bring you back to the Home Screen.

Step 3: Once you're on the Home Screen, double-click the TV/Home button. This action will prompt the App Switcher to appear. The App Switcher allows you to see all of the apps that are currently open.

Step 4: Use the remote's touch surface to swipe right or left and flick through the currently open apps.

Step 5: When you've found an app you want to close, simply swipe up on the remote's touch surface. There you have it - the app is closed and no longer using your Apple TV's resources.

Keep in mind carousel of open apps isn't exhaustive. If an app isn't there, it's already closed or not currently running. Regularly performing this simple sweep ensures the smooth operation of your Apple TV, as you're hopping between apps, browsing, streaming, and indulging in that all-important content.

Go ahead and give it a try the next time you find your Apple TV lagging. Close those apps and feel the boost of speed! What’s more, this method works like a charm when an app freezes or malfunctions. It's a practical, back-to-basics approach that fixes most minor problems in the blink of an eye.

Method 2: Force Quitting Apps on Apple TV

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, an app on your Apple TV might become unresponsive or start causing problems. There's no need to panic! Just as with other devices, Apple TV allows you to force quit applications.

To carry out this operation, follow the simple steps below. It's a relatively easy process:

  1. Touch and hold the TV button on your Siri Remote.
  2. When you see the Control Center appear on your screen, navigate to the problem app by swiping right or left.
  3. Tap on the app and then swipe up.

Voila! You've just force-quit an app on your Apple TV.

Force quitting is a great troubleshooting technique if regular closing doesn't mend the issue. While normally you should avoid force quitting apps unless they're misbehaving, this method can be incredibly useful. Remember, stopping all processes for a specific app often eliminates minor glitches or bugs.

Why resort to this method? Often, it's due to certain apps not responding or suddenly freezing. This could inhibit your Apple TV experience. By force quitting apps that seem to bog down your device, you're clearing the way for a smooth, enjoyable viewing experience.

Next time you're faced with an unresponsive or problem-ridden app, don’t hesitate to use the skill you've just learnt. Now, isn't it amazing how quickly you can rectify app issues and enhance your Apple TV performance?

Hold on a moment, though. There's still a lot more to discover! Let's dive deeper to educate ourselves about Apple TV's advanced features and tools. Stay tuned as we unfold secrets to make your viewing journey even better!

Note: Individual app settings can sometimes lead to specific issues. If force quitting doesn't solve your problem, you may need to look into the individual app settings or consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Tips for Managing Apps on Apple TV

Let's dive into some extremely helpful tips that'll improve your experience managing apps on your Apple TV. So, you've mastered the art of closing and force quitting apps, but there is more to manage apps effectively on your Apple TV.

One secret technique you've got to know about is restarting your Apple TV. Believe it or not, sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. If your Apple TV is acting up even after you've closed and force-quit problematic apps, a restart might be just the ticket. Hold down the TV/Home button and the Menu button at the same time until you see the light on your Apple TV start blinking rapidly, indicating that a restart is in progress.

You could also keep your apps updated. Outdated apps could influence many issues like breakdowns, bugs, or even getting stuck. Staying updated will usually keep these problems at bay. Simply move to the App Store on your Apple TV, find the Purchased tab, and take a gander at the Updates section. It's a snap to download any updates that may be waiting right there.

Another stellar practice is uninstalling seldom-used apps. As they say, less is more, especially when it comes to your device’s memory. Sluggish performance or freezing could be fixed by simply purging those barely used apps taking up precious space.

Remember, you can customize app notifications. Is the constant flood of notifications driving you mad? Good news! Customize settings to receive only the notifications you find necessary. Navigate to settings and then to the notifications tab on your Apple TV.

Although regular closing of apps can handle minor hiccups, at times, they are just not enough. Resolving issues could also be about individual app settings, restarting the Apple TV, keeping apps updated, uninstalling rarely used apps, and customizing notifications.


Mastering your Apple TV's app management is now at your fingertips. From using the TV app switcher to close apps, to force quitting those pesky unresponsive ones, you're equipped with the necessary tools to resolve minor app issues and keep your device running smoothly. Don't forget, individual app settings can sometimes be the culprit behind specific problems. So, consider delving into these settings or even uninstalling and reinstalling the app if the need arises. Remember, a well-managed Apple TV is a happy Apple TV. So, keep those apps updated, uninstall the ones you rarely use, and customize your app notifications to suit your needs. With these tips and tricks, you're on your way to a more streamlined and efficient Apple TV experience.

How do you close apps on Apple TV?

To close apps on Apple TV with the Sirius TV/Home remote, go to the Home Screen by pressing the TV/Home button. Next, double-click the TV/Home button to bring up the app switcher. Swipe right or left to navigate through open apps. To close an app, swipe up on the remote's touch surface.

How can you force quit apps on Apple TV?

Force quitting on Apple TV is useful when an app is unresponsive. This method is similar to regular closing, but it requires holding down the TV/Home button on the Siri Remote after selecting the malfunctioning app in the app switcher until you return to the Home screen.

What can you do if force quitting doesn't solve a specific app problem?

If force quitting doesn't solve an app issue, consider checking the app's individual settings as some issues can be specific to these settings. If this doesn't work, you might want to consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

What other tips does the article provide for managing apps on Apple TV?

Aside from regularly closing and force quitting apps, the article also suggests restarting your Apple TV device from time to time, keeping your apps updated, uninstalling seldom-used apps, and customizing app notifications for a better user experience.

This article was originally published on 29 Jan 2024 but has been regularly updated to keep the information current.
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